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Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products; State Petitions for Exemption from Federal Preemption of State Standards for Refrigerators, and Refrigerator-Freezers, Freezers, Water Heaters, Room AC, CACs, Furnaces and Kitchen Ranges and Ovens ( CE-CP-SPRM, 006-029)

Abstract: Full Legacy ID: CE-CP-SPRM: AR006, VA007, FL008, PA009, WI010, SC012, NM013, GA014, RI015, NH016, NV017, CA018, OR019, NY020, MO021, TX022, NJ023, IL024, UT025, IA026, WV027, MN028, WA029, ND030, HI031, TN032
RIN: Not Assigned
Type: Rule Making
Disposition None
Short title State Petitions for Exemption
Program Office Building Technologies Program (BT)
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