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Amendments and Correction to Petitions for Waiver and Applications for Interim Waiver for Consumer Products and Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Abstract: DOE proposes minor amendments and corrections to portions of its regulations governing petitions for waiver and interim waiver from DOE test procedures. In finalizing the March 7, 2011 final certification, compliance and enforcement rule for consumer products and commercial equipment, DOE inadvertently deleted language pertaining to petitions for waiver and interim waiver of DOE's test procedure requirements for consumer products. This notice addresses that error by proposing to restore the omitted text. Additionally, the notice proposes to make minor modifications to the waiver provisions for both consumer products and commercial equipment and to clarify certain aspects related to the submission and processing of a waiver petition.
RIN: 1904-AC70
Type: Rule Making
Program Office Building Technologies Program (BT)

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