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Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Analyses of New Pathways Under the Renewable Fuels Standard Program

Abstract: This action will amend table 1 to section 80.1426 of the RFS2 regulations to include additional fuel pathways and assigns each pathway a D-Code. It allows producers or importers of fuel produced under these pathways to generate Renewable Identification Numbers under the program, providing that the fuel meets the other requirements for renewable fuel. This action outlines EPA's lifecycle greenhouse gas evaluation, specified in Clean Air Act section 211(o), as amended by EISA for several new pathways including: biofuels produced from camolina oil, biofuels produced from several types of energy grasses, renewable gasoline produced from residue and waste cellulosic feedstocks, biofuels produced from the sugars in specified feedstocks used to produce cellulosic biofuel. This action adds these pathways to the table of approved fuel pathways.
RIN: 2060-AR07
Type: Rule Making
Location HQ-OAR
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