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Revisions to Ambient Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring Requirements

Abstract: Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) monitoring requirements were revised in February 2010 as part of the revision to the NO2 National Ambient Air Quality Standards. The revised requirements included network design elements that required monitors for characterizing concentrations near major roads, across area-wide extents, and in areas with vulnerable and susceptible populations. The required deadline for the establishment of the revised NO2 network was January 1, 2013. The Annual Monitoring Network Plans addressing these revisions are due July 1, 2012, for approval by the Administrator. The EPA is finalizing revisions to the deadline for the near-road element of the network which establishes a phased approach that is more practical for states to implement and for EPA to fund. These changes will establish a series of deadlines that collectively implement the near-road network between January 1, 2014, and January 1, 2017, more closely matching the schedule for anticipated EPA grant funding as well as monitoring agency capacity for implementing the new sites. No changes are being finalized for the deadline affecting the area-wide and vulnerable and susceptible network elements. Additionally, no changes are being finalized to the population thresholds for monitoring finalized in the 2010 rule. The EPA is also changing the Annual Monitoring Network Plan approval authority from Administrator to Regional Administrator, as was originally intended, which is consistent with the approval authority for other networks characterizing ozone and fine particles, for example.
RIN: 2060-AR59
Type: Rule Making
Location HQ-OAR

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