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Critical Parts for Airplane Propellers

Abstract: This rulemaking would define a propeller critical part, require the identification of propeller critical parts by the manufacturer, and establish engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance processes for those parts. These new requirements provide an added margin of safety for the continued airworthiness of propeller critical parts by requiring a system of processes to identify and manage these parts throughout their service life. This rule would also harmonize with existing European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) propeller critical parts requirements, thereby simplifying airworthiness approvals for exports.
RIN: 2120-AJ88
Type: Rule Making
SUB TYPE Rulemaking and Procedural Rules
Disposition Pending
Action Office ARM-206
Docket Effective Date June 09 2099, at 04.00 AM EST
Docket Close Date June 09 2099, at 12.00 AM EST
Government Level Affected Federal