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Railroad System Safety Program


This rulemaking would improve passenger railroad safety through structured, proactive processes and procedures developed by passenger railroad operators. It would require passenger railroads to establish a System Safety Program that would systematically evaluate and manage risks in order to reduce the number and rates of railroad accidents, incidents, injuries and fatalities. This rulemaking was bifurcated from 2130-AC11.

RIN: 2130-AC31
Type: Rule Making
SUB TYPE Operating Rules
Disposition Pending
Action Office RCC-10
Docket Effective Date June 30 2011, at 11.00 PM EST
Docket Close Date July 01 2011, at 12.00 AM EST
Legal Deadlines Source Other
Legal Deadlines Description Final Rule
Legal Deadlines Date October 16 2012, at 12.00 AM EST
Legal Deadlines Action Statutory
Government Level Affected No


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  • Joint Rail Labor Petition for Reconsideration; ATDA, BLET, BMWED, BRS, BRC, TWU.
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