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Petition to List the Spider tortoise as Endangered or Threatened

Type: Non-Rule Making


  • Dear USFWS, While all three sub-species of Pyxis arachnoides do need protection in its ho...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 07/01/2014
    Submitter Name: Anonymous ...
  • Taylor Jones's Comment (WildEarth Guardians)
    Public Submission
    Posted: 08/06/2014
    Submitter Name: Taylor ...
    Organization: WildEarth Guardians
  • Dear Ms. Van Norman and the FWS ESA team, With regard to your request for further inform...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 08/25/2014
    Submitter Name: Peter ...
  • See attached file(s) for Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC)
    Public Submission
    Posted: 09/09/2014
    Submitter Name: Marshall ...