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2014–15 and 2015–16 Subsistence Taking of Wildlife Regulations

Abstract: We will revise the regulations for seasons, harvest limits, methods and means, and customary and traditional use for the subsistence taking of wildlife during the 2014-2016 regulatory seasons on Federal public lands in Alaska. These regulations are subject to periodic review and revision.
RIN: 1018-AY85
Type: Rule Making


  • Additional clarification to my proposal(Dan Presley)- the "one antler of a subsistence har...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 03/07/2013
    Submitter Name: Dan ...
  • Units 15B and 15C-1 antlered bull with spike-fork or 50" antlers or with 3 or more brow ti...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 03/06/2013
    Submitter Name: Dan ...
  • Subsistence Wildlife Change Proposal. Please see attached.
    Public Submission
    Posted: 03/29/2013
    Submitter Name: Richard ...
    Organization: Ninilchik Traditional Council
  • This is a set of 24 proposals on subsistence taking of wildlife.
    Public Submission
    Posted: 03/27/2013
    Submitter Name: Proposals ...
  • this proposal is lousy and needs to be turned down and denied. both ag sec and interior se...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 01/14/2013
    Submitter Name: jean ...
    Organization: american citizen
  • 1. Organization: Denali Subsistence Advisory Commission Address: Denali National Park, PO ...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 03/29/2013
    Submitter Name: Amy ...
    Organization: Denali Subsistence Resource Commission