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Termination of the Southern Sea Otter Translocation Program

Abstract: As a result of Public Law 99-625 (November 7, 1986), we published regulations outlining the Southern Sea Otter Translocation Program to establish an experimental population of southern sea otters off the coast of Southern California. The program's purpose is to provide a hedge against a catastrophic event, such as a major oil spill, that would affect the only existing population. The regulations also included criteria for determining whether the translocation program was a failure, in which case it could be abandoned. After 23 years of trying to establish a viable additional population of southern sea otters, a fundamental change in recovery strategy, and acquisition of additional information from experiences such as the 2010 Gulf oil spill, we are evaluating the translocation program to consider whether it should be terminated and the experimental population status withdrawn, with different management options implemented.
RIN: 1018-AX51
Type: Rule Making
Legal Deadlines Source Judicial
Legal Deadlines Description Settlement agreement.
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