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Groundfish Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska and Pacific Halibut Fisheries; Observer Program

Abstract: This action adds a new funding and deployment system to the existing North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program. It addresses longstanding concerns about statistical bias of observer-collected data and cost inequality among fishery participants with the Observer Programs current funding and deployment structure. Under the current structure, vessel and processing plant operators enter into direct contracts with observer providers to meet coverage requirements. Existing coverage requirements, based on vessel length and processing volume, are set at 30 percent or 100 percent, and some vessels and processors are exempt from observer coverage. Under this rule, vessels and processors required to have 100 percent observer coverage will continue to enter into contracts with observer providers for their coverage. Vessels and processors required to have less than 100 percent coverage would pay an ex-vessel value-based fee to NOAA Fisheries, and NOAA Fisheries will enter into direct contracts with observer providers. Groundfish and halibut vessels less than 60 feet in length are also added to the Observer Program for the first time.
RIN: 0648-BB42
Type: Rule Making

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