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Designation of a Non-essential Experimental Population of Central Valley spring-run Chinook salmon below Friant Dam in the San Joaquin River, California.

Abstract: In 2005, the Department of Commerce and Department of Interior entered into a settlement agreement, which called for the restoration of flows in the San Joaquin River and the reintroduction of Chinook salmon, listed under the Endangered Species Act. In 2009, as part of the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act, Congress enacted the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act, which allows the implementation of a program consistent with Endangered Species Act requirements to reintroduce spring-run into the San Joaquin River. Endangered Species Act Section 10(j) allows for the designation and release of experimental populations of listed animals, which receive a lower level of protection than populations listed as threatened or endangered. The Settlement Act also provided that reintroduction will not impose more than de minimus impacts on third parties in the region. This rule would designate a nonessential experimental population of spring run Chinook salmon in California's San Joaquin River. The experimental population will occur within the historical range of Chinook salmon, but outside the current range of the listed Central Valley spring-run Chinook. Compliance with the Settlement Act and application of reduced levels of regulatory protection available under Section 10(j) of the Endangered Species Act ensures that this action will impose no significant impacts in the region.
RIN: 0648-BC68
Type: Rule Making
Legal Deadlines Source Judicial
Legal Deadlines Description Spring run to be introduced to San Joaquin River by this date
Legal Deadlines Action Other

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