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Updating OSHA Standards Based on National Consensus Standards; Head Protection

Abstract: Under section 6(a) of the OSH Act, during the first two years of the Act, the Agency was directed to adopt national consensus standards as OSHA standards. Some of these standards were adopted as regulatory text, while others were incorporated by reference. In the more than 40 years since these standards were adopted by OSHA, the organizations responsible for these consensus standards have issued updated versions of these standards. However, in most cases, OSHA has not revised its regulations to reflect later editions of the consensus standards. OSHA standards also continue to incorporate by reference various consensus standards that are now outdated and, in some cases, out of print. The Agency is undertaking a multiyear project to update these standards. A notice describing the project was published in November 2004 (69 FR 68283). As part of this multiyear project, OSHA published a Direct Final Rule (DFR) for Acetylene and a final rule on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The PPE Final Rule, published September 2009, amended the general industry PPE standard and incorporated by reference a number of updated consensus standards governing the design and testing of certain types of PPE. The Final Rule did not update PPE standards for the construction industry; these standards currently refer to outdated consensus rules. In addition, while the Final Rule was undergoing final OMB review, ANSI published a 2009 edition of the Head Protection (ANSI Z-89.1) consensus standard. This current project will now incorporate the latest PPE consensus standards for the general, construction, and maritime industries.
RIN: 1218-AC65
Type: Rule Making
SUB TYPE Safety Standards