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Federal Registers for Applications, Notices, and Orders - Miscellaneous

Abstract: The purpose of this docket is to house Federal Register notices which are not associated with a specific docket
Type: Non-Rule Making
SUB TYPE Miscellaneous
Action Office PHMSA


  • Call the battery person first. The others are non-specfic and should be denied as lacks i...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 10/10/2014
    Submitter Name: Jacob ...
  • Test.
    Public Submission
    Posted: 03/21/2017
    Submitter Name: Darrin ...
  • Re: Special Permit Application No. 15955-N - See attached comments
    Public Submission
    Posted: 09/20/2013
    Submitter Name: John ...
    Organization: Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA)
  • I personally do not agree on instruments, machines, or surgical procedures to help enhance...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 04/11/2016
    Submitter Name: Mahrim ...
  • If the request desires to transit dope, I believe the FAA is federal in jurisdiction, ther...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 10/10/2014
    Submitter Name: Jacob ...
  • Extensive physical testing should be required of this applicant as similar cylinders at on...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 03/30/2016
    Submitter Name: Ken ...
  • Public Submission
    Posted: 06/15/2015
    Submitter Name: Anonymous ...
  • Everyone who regulates what goes in our food are full of shit and unreasonable-_____-
    Public Submission
    Posted: 06/25/2017
    Submitter Name: Shelton ...