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Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC)

Abstract: Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Type: Non-Rule Making
Disposition Pending
Action Office TSA HQ
Docket Effective Date May 25 2011, at 04.00 AM EST
Docket Close Date May 25 2011, at 12.00 AM EST


  • Public Submission
    Organization: Oregon Aviation Watch
  • This is just another TSA sham program. They will load the committee up with airline indust...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 06/27/2013
    Submitter Name: John ...
  • Public Submission
    Organization: MSA Security
  • Public Submission
  • The National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation is requesting that member organizations of t...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 06/19/2013
    Submitter Name: Gail ...
    Organization: National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation
  • Public Submission
    Organization: Security Industry Association