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Proposed Establishment of the Ballard Canyon Viticultural Area

RIN: 1513-AB98
Type: Rule Making
KeyWord(s) alcohol, wine, American viticultural areas, viticultural areas, California, Santa Barbara County, Ballard Canyon


  • As a farmer on in this area i 100% support this AVA approval. Ballard Canyon is a special ...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 01/22/2013
    Submitter Name: Keith ...
    Organization: Saarloos and Sons Winery
  • I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of establishing a Ballard Canyon AVA. As a wine lover an...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 01/28/2013
    Submitter Name: Shaun ...
  • As a grower and producer of grapes and wines from the Ballard Canyon area of the Santa Yne...
    Public Submission
    Posted: 01/22/2013
    Submitter Name: Steve ...