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Opening of Boquillas Border Crossing and Update to the Class B Port of Entry Description

Abstract: This rule would create a new border crossing in the Big Bend National Park called Boquillas. It would be established as a Class B port of entry for immigration purposes and as a Customs station for customs purposes, under the supervision of the El Paso port of entry. CBP and the National Park service plan to partner on the construction of a joint use facility in the Big Bend National Park which will provide facility requirements to operate a border crossing. On May 19, 2010, President Obama and Mexican President Calderon issued a joint statement recognizing that the Big Bend National Park in the United States and the Protected Areas of Maderas del Carmen, Canon de Santa Elena, Ocampo, and Rio Bravo del Norte in Mexico together comprise one of the largest and most significant ecological complexes in North America. The opening of the Boquillas crossing would help establish the Big Bend-Rio Bravo region as a natural area of binational interest. The opening of the Boquillas crossing is also expected to encourage more travel and tourism in the area.
RIN: 1651-AA90
Type: Rule Making

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