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About Us

Founded in 2013, Notice and Comment (N&C) provides a regulatory knowledge hub which provides public engagement, augments analytic capabilities, and accelerates strategic decision making.

N&C’s solutions include www.NoticeandComment.com -- a free public participation portal providing resources to regulatory data from Regulations.gov and the Federal Register and offers a suite of innovative tools designed to promote civic engagement and public participation. One of the original Innovative Developers using the Regulations.gov API, NoticeandComment.com has been recognized as a Phrase Influencer in the regulatory space.

Regendus -- A Regulatory Intelligence Platform that uses the power of IBM Watson to unlock insight from regulatory data using a combination of cognitive technology and advanced analytics. N&C was one of ten companies selected as partners in IBM’s Analytics Solutions Center to develop and commercialize the Watson platform. The Regendus solution was demonstrated and successfully tested with cooperation from the White House and Office of Management and Budget (OMB), along with nearly two dozen federal departments and agencies.

For more information about N&C, Inc, NoticeandComment.com, or Regendus, email us at contact@NoticeandComment.com.