Plain Language – Please!

The interruption wasn’t gentle: “I’ve practiced law for 40 years and couldn’t begin to tell you what those damn public notices are trying to say!”  There I was, making the case for what became to a friend who, in … Continue Reading


#FedFeed: News you may have missed!

Today’s issue of #FedFeed includes: (1) fed to allow genetically altered salmon into US markets; (2) new tax rules under the Affordable Care Act; (3) money market mutual fund reform; (4) killer whales off / African lions on Endangered Species … Continue Reading

Ease and Timeliness

Private Interests Over the Public Good With newspaper readership at all-time lows, newsprint notices are no longer an effective means of public notification. Readership began a steady decline in the US since 1990, but began a rapid fall-off since 2006 – dropping … Continue Reading


Newsprint Notices Hurt More Than Just Our Wallets Trees by the Thousands, Carbon Emissions by the Tons – Weekly Beyond annual monetary costs to local governments of half a BILLION dollars, newsprint notices generate other associated costs and negative environmental … Continue Reading

Better Services

Newspaper Ads or After-school Programs: A Tough Choice? Facing limited budgets, governments at every level must make tough choices. They say there are no easy choices, but maybe there is one easy choice. When local agencies are forced to spend … Continue Reading

Tax Savings

$14.8 Million by One State, in One Year Local governments are forced to spend half a BILLION dollars each year posting notices in the back pages of newspapers where few read them. Estimates show one city spent nearly $1 million … Continue Reading

How Comments Trump Votes Inauguration Day, January 20, 2013

Imagine this: It’s Election Day and you’re a registered “independent” voter living in small-town USA. The same party dominates, as usual, and you’re locked out of the primaries. Your outcome is certain: hopes from this “highest” civic duty dashed, and … Continue Reading

The Story of a Forgotten Right

Close your eyes and imagine that your right to free speech only applied to what was available when the First Amendment was passed. Instantly, your right to free speech by phone, Internet, and radio vanish, because none were available when … Continue Reading