Public Notices and Public Comments in the Cloud is an open government utility designed to transform the print-based public notice and public comment process used by nearly all state, county and local governments.  It is a free to use centralized online database for all federal regulations … Continue Reading


#FedFeed-News you may have missed! 2/22

This week’s #FedFeed includes: (1) EPA’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan; (2) Stiffer rules for all imported non-human primates slated for lab testing; (3) FAA bans flight crew use of digital devices; (4) Protecting medical devices during extreme weather events; and … Continue Reading

Notice and Comment Monopoly

Notice and Comment: A Game Worth Playing

Its one big virtual game and it’s free to play. You can move around the board, calculating odds and making choices. But instead of throwing the dice, you maneuver using your own knowledge and persuasive talent; and instead of Passing … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 2/15

This issue of #FedFeed includes: (1) Electric cars too quiet – Fed wants noise; (2) Exemptions for religious organizations under Affordable Care Act; (3) “Mental Retardation” to be termed “Intellectual Disability”; (4) New interstate calling services proposed for inmates at … Continue Reading

The Sleeping Giant: Digital Natives in an Analog Democracy

I was behind the wheel in Bethesda, Md. on a hollow October night.  An old friend in the passenger seat noticed a new addition to a speed limit sign: the words “photo enforced.”  With a waning sense of civic pride, … Continue Reading

Public Advocacy for the 21st Century is designed to assist public advocacy by modernizing the public notice and comment process. With online notification of government proposals and the opportunity to comment electronically, your organization can fulfill its mission to influence change on the issues you … Continue Reading

#FedFeed: SPECIAL ALERT – Affordable Care Act – Eligibility for exemptions; minimum essential coverage provisions

The US Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) wants your comments on proposed “shared responsibility payments” affecting all Americans that fail to maintain health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). Under the ACA, beginning January 1, 2014 all … Continue Reading


#FedFeed: News you may have missed!

  This issue of #FedFeed includes: (1) vaginal microbicides for HIV prevention; (2) new standards to prevent rape in immigration facilities; (3) another fish subspecies added to Endangered Species list; (4) all contractors to comply with expanded Iran sanctions; and … Continue Reading