ATTENTION: Calling All Government Relations Professionals

We often do not realize how much the government truly influences our lives. Sure, we have laws, courts, and security in airports; we pay taxes, speeding tickets, and do anything we can to avoid jury duty, but these are only … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 5/27

This week’s #FedFeed includes: Are Californians ready to handle thousands of migratory birds? Not yet, says FWS. Are UV tanning lamps safe enough for unregulated sale? FDA says no. Hospitals serving a higher number of low-income patients to receive less federal funding. Does the … Continue Reading

Tech Savvy Elderly and Minorities Make the Case for Online Public Notices

Today, Internet access and use in America fully disprove the idea that newsprint are a better place to publish public notices than online. It’s important because government notices are one of the most regular and widely used official communications between … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 5/20

This weeks #FedFeed includes: 1) Should Bristol Bay, Alaska be opened to mining or left to the fisheries? EPA wants to know.; 2) Are guidelines for getting Veteran-Owned Business status clear enough? VA Dept says no.; 3) Should maximum weight … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 5/13

This week’s #FedFeed includes: 1) Should HIPAA privacy be exempted for firearm background checks? HHS says yes.; 2) Are standards for international clinical studies adequate for human health products? FDA says no.; 3) Are tax requirements for charitable hospitals clear … Continue Reading

developers showcase

The Federal E-Rulemaking Makeover: Enhances the User Experience has recently made some notable improvements to the flagship e-rulemaking website.  In a recent discussion at the American University Washington College of Law, panelists,  Acting Program Director Adam McWilliams and Program Analyst Bryant Crowe of, gave insight on the … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 5/6

This week’s #FedFeed includes: 1) Should the Coast Guard establish stricter standards for certain types of boats?; 2) Should immigration lawyers have to meet additional requirements? DoJ says yes.; 3) Are current nutrition standards adequate to prevent obesity? FNS says … Continue Reading

60,000 Reasons for a New Public Notice System

With all the effort made between and, there’s one resounding issue that always seems to get in the way of really bringing public notices out of the dark:  These documents are clinically proven to numb your mind. Does … Continue Reading