A Media That’s More Than Social

Each day, federal, state and local governments now share an unprecedented amount of digital information with the public. The increasing level of openness in government is most notable in the use of social media. Yet while the nation’s largest cities … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 6/24

This week’s #FedFeed includes: Should federal civilian employees who die in connection with their duties as public servants receive a U.S. flag recognition benefit?  OPM says yes; Is there enough information on radio and television transmitters, commercial and industrial signal boosters, and … Continue Reading

Site Updates: User Accounts, Local Governments, Data Discovery

Last week (June 12th) we made some major updates to the site, our most notable upgrade since our launch 5 months ago. With this release, we have made great strides towards fulfilling our mission to provide a free publishing platform … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 6/17

This week’s #FedFeed includes: Should the Dusky Shark be listed on the Endangered Species List? NOAA says yes; DOD plans to promote family advocacy by creating a multi-disciplinary team charged with helping the Department provide a safer and more secure environment for … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 6/10

This week’s #FedFeed includes: 1) NRC tells nuclear power plants they must clean up their residual radioactive waste as they go along., 2) EPA wants to remove Omaha Lead Superfund Site from Superfund list of highly polluted sites., 3) Do … Continue Reading

The Big Reveal Coming June 12, 2013: The First Local Government Publishing Platform Goes Live!

On June 12th, 2013, NoticeandComment will initiate the nation’s first online publishing platform designed specifically for local government public notices. A free-to-use publishing platform for local governments across America has always been our core concept. The launch culminates a sweeping … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 6/3

This weeks FedFeed includes: 1) Should Banks be allowed to come up with their own credit ratings? FHFA says yes., 2) Do the federal sentencing guidelines require significant policy amendments?  The US Sentencing Commission says yes., 3) Are cruise ship … Continue Reading