#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 9/23

This week’s FedFeed includes: 1) APHIS receives petition to strengthen rules protecting big cats, bears, and nonhuman primates, comment now!; 2) HUD provides nice overview of newly enacted Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.; 3) DoD proposes changes to coverage and … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 9/16

This week’s FedFeed includes: 1) Notice! Comment period extended on FWS proposal to list Georgetown and Salado salamanders on Endangered Species list.; 2) How should the VA evaluate the credit underwriters who monitor those approving credit lines extended to veterans?; … Continue Reading

Education Regulations; One Giant PTA Meeting in the Digital Era

September is back-to-school month, and for some parents that means PTA meetings. But wouldn’t it be nice if every parent had the opportunity to participate in a giant PTA meeting, where comments made are recorded in the official record and … Continue Reading

Food Safety and Official Comments (Go Together Like PB&J)

Eaten a cheeseburger in the past month? How about a salad? Maybe a glass of raw milk? Chances are, when you ate, whatever it is you ate, you did not think about whether or not it was safe to eat … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! – 9/2

This week’s FedFeed includes: 1) NOAA extends comment period on whether or not to add 5 Sawfish species to Endangered Species List.; 2) How best can we protect nuclear power plants from hurricanes and associated debris? NRC wants your comment!; … Continue Reading