60,000 Reasons for a New Public Notice System

With all the effort made between www.NoticeandComment.com and www.Regulations.gov, there’s one resounding issue that always seems to get in the way of really bringing public notices out of the dark:  These documents are clinically proven to numb your mind. Does … Continue Reading

Dark Matter, “Enlightened” Democracy and the Politics of Trust

On one hand, we have the government that we cannot control – that which operates behind closed doors, transpiring unseen in the shadows of a secret world.  We have only vague ideas of when and where this world exists, and … Continue Reading

Broadband Map

FCC’s Connect America Fund: End of an Argument, Birth of an Era

Even before the site went live, the newspaper industry posed one argument against online public notices that was difficult to answer: What about all the people in the country who don’t have Internet access? It’s pretty troubling to imagine that … Continue Reading

The Sleeping Giant: Digital Natives in an Analog Democracy

I was behind the wheel in Bethesda, Md. on a hollow October night.  An old friend in the passenger seat noticed a new addition to a speed limit sign: the words “photo enforced.”  With a waning sense of civic pride, … Continue Reading