Newspaper Ads or After-school Programs: A Tough Choice?

Facing limited budgets, governments at every level must make tough choices. They say there are no easy choices, but maybe there is one easy choice.

When local agencies are forced to spend taxpayer money to buy public notice ads in newspapers – sometimes as much at costs equivalent to what cities spend on critical city services, the choice isn’t tough, it’s obvious.

Consider this sampling of budget alternatives:

  • Toleson, AZ: $40,000 on public notice (PN) ads / $40,000 on after school programs.
  • Newark, DE: $21,500 on PN ads / $20,000 on Meals on Wheels
  • Gaithersburg, MD; $35,000 on PN ads / $34,000 on the Neighborhood Safety Net Program and $37,000 on GUIDE Youth Services (bilingual counseling services).
  • Pueblo County, CO: $75,000 on PN ads (three times more than County Commissioners spent on public relations).
  • Chattanooga, TN: $75,000 on PN ads / $20,000 less than on Fire Public Education.
  • Bucks County, PA Sheriffs Dept – $600,000 on PN ads (nearly twice what the entire department spent on “General Expenses Supplies and Services”).
  • Rapid City School District – $32,000 PN ads while making $7 million in cuts.

Local action begins when local people demand it. Please sign a Petition in your state to publish local notices online.