EPA Regulation Adds Natural Gas Processing Plants to Toxics Release Inventory


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to add natural gas processing (NGP) facilities to the list of industrial sectors required to provide a report on the toxic substances released from the facility. This report will be incorporated into the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), which is a list of “toxic chemical releases and pollution prevention activities reported by industrial and federal facilities.” Facilities are required to report on the release of any of the chemicals listed in the TRI.

The EPA is proposing that only larger NGP facilities would be subject to this rule, defined as a facility with 10 full-time employees or more. The EPA estimates 282 NGP facilities are large enough to meet this threshold. The agency cites 21 different chemicals listed on the TRI that are also released from NGP facilities, including n-hexane, hydrogen sulfide, toluene, benzene, xylene, and methanol. The goal of this proposal is to “meaningfully increase the information available to the public” on the release and waste management of toxic chemicals from natural gas processing plants.

Comments on this EPA regulation are due March 8, 2017.