This issue of #FedFeed includes: (1) Electric cars too quiet – Fed wants noise; (2) Exemptions for religious organizations under Affordable Care Act; (3) “Mental Retardation” to be termed “Intellectual Disability”; (4) New interstate calling services
proposed for inmates at federal prisons; (5) Social media to be used for investor education and protection.

Electric cars too quiet – Fed wants noise
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seeks comments thru March 15, 2013 on its proposal to require minimum sound requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles – those vehicles capable of propulsion in any forward or reverse gear without the vehicle’s internal combustion engine operating. The standard would ensure that blind, visually impaired and other pedestrians, and cyclists are able to detect and recognize nearby hybrid and electric vehicles in a range of ambient environments, thereby eliminating 2800 pedestrian injuries and 35 lives annually.

Contraceptives exempted under Affordable Care Act for religious organizations
The Department of Health and Human Services seeks comments thru April 8, 2013
on its proposal to exempt religious organizations from cost sharing requirements of
certain preventive health services, including certain contraceptive services in health
insurance services. The proposed rule also establishes accommodations for student
health insurance coverage at religious institutions of higher education.

“Mental Retardation” to be termed “Intellectual Disability”
The Social Security Administration seeks comments thru February 27, 2013 on its
proposal to replace the term “mental retardation” with “intellectual disability” on its
Listing of Impairments used to evaluate claims involving mental disorders in adults and
children. Under “Rosa’s Law” passed by Congress in 2010, the SSA was not required
to join other agencies using the term due to the specific legal designation of the term
“disability.” As a result of the specific meaning of “disability” under SSA, the Agency
may not necessarily find an individual disabled within the meaning of the Act despite
the new designation.

New interstate calling services proposed for inmates at federal prisons
The Federal Communications Commission seeks public comments thru March 25,
2013 on its proposal to change its rules governing rates for interstate calling services,
by prohibiting exclusive inmate calling service agreements and collect call-only
restrictions at privately administered prisons and require such facilities to permit
multiple long distance carriers to interconnect with prison telephone services.

Social media to be used for investor education and protection
The Securities and Exchange Commission seeks comments thru February 15,
2013 on its proposal to require members to include a prominent description of
and link to the FINRA BrokerCheck icon on their websites, social media pages and
any comparable Internet presence relating to a member’s investment banking or
securities business. The change is designed to provide a quick accessible link to
educate and protect investors with information about investment professionals or
firms that may be used or considered for investment advice and/or services.