This issue of #FedFeed includes: (1) vaginal microbicides for HIV prevention; (2) new standards to prevent rape in immigration facilities; (3) another fish subspecies added to Endangered Species list; (4) all contractors to comply with expanded Iran sanctions; and (5) US seeks to grant “duty-free” waivers to more imports.


Vaginal microbicides for HIV prevention

The Food and Drug Administration seeks comments thru 2/21/13 on vaginal microbicides being developed as self-administered intra-vaginal drugs and  products that reduce the risk of HIV acquisition.  Microbicides can be developed as vaginal formulations including gels, creams, tablets, and drug-impregnated vaginal rings.  Microbicides offer a female HIV prevention method, which would form a useful addition to the existing prevention interventions.  See the full info at: http://www.noticeandcomment.com/Draft-Guidance-for-Industry-on-Vaginal-Microbicides-Development-for-the-Prevention-of-Human-Immunodeficiency-fn-12038.aspx


New standards to prevent rape in immigration facilities

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau seeks comments thru 2/19/13 on plans to implement new standards to prevent, detect and respond to rape and other forms of sexual violence perpetrated on detainees in facilities under its care.  See the full info at: http://www.noticeandcomment.com/Standards-to-Prevent-Detect-and-Respond-to-Sexual-Abuse-and-Assault-in-Confinement-Facilities-fn-3275.aspx


Another fish subspecies added to Endangered Species list:

The Fish and Wildlife Service seeks comments thru 3/26/13 on its proposal to include the Zuni Bluehead Sucker as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act and to designate critical habitat for the species.  The fish subspecies is found in the Zuni River watershed in New Mexico and the Colorado River watershed in Eastern Arizona and from streams in or near Canyon De Chelley in NE Arizona.  See full info at: http://www.noticeandcomment.com/Endangered-and-Threatened-Wildlife-and-Plants-Proposed-Endangered-Status-for-Zuni-Bluehead-Sucker-fn-158.aspx


All fed contractors to comply with expanded Iran sanctions

DoD, GSA and NASA seek comments thru 2/8/13 on recommendations pursuant to the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights  Act of 2012 (enacted to widen the sanctions against Iran).  The agencies have determined that it is in the best interest of the US to apply this rule to all contracts at or below the SAT (Simplified Acquisition Threshold) since the existing SAT excludes a significant portion of fed contracting and would thereby undermine the purpose of  the law.  See full info at: http://www.noticeandcomment.com/Federal-Acquisition-Regulations-Iran-Threat-Reduction-FAR-Case-2012-030-fn-3501.aspx


US seeks to grant “duty-free” waivers to more imports

The US Trade Representative seeks comments thru 3/4/15 on the probable economic effect on US industries producing similar products, and on US consumers, by eliminating US import duties on imports from Indonesia  (edible products of animal origin, household table and kitchenware); Thailand (orchids, rice flour, copper wire and ice skates w/footwear permanently attached); Russia (ferrosilicon, nesoi); Georgia (ferrosilicon manganese); Brazil (calcium  silicon ferroalloys); India (stainless steel, flanges for tubes/pipes, iron or steel flanges for tubes/pipes).  See full info at: http://www.noticeandcomment.com/Investigations-Possible-Modifications-to-the-U-S-Generalized-System-of-Preferences-2012-Review-Additions-fn-2091.aspx