Notice and Comment Monopoly

Its one big virtual game and it’s free to play. You can move around the board, calculating odds and making choices. But instead of throwing the dice, you maneuver using your own knowledge and persuasive talent; and instead of Passing Go, you impact important government policy decisions. So come, dive headfirst into the game of!

Sure, you could just go about your daily life and never try your hand, but why not play? Writing a comment can’t hurt, but it can definitely help your representatives understand your point of view – all while leveling-up your own ability to digest and tackle political issues. If you’re lucky, your newfound skill to find the right words or ask the right questions might even make you something of a hometown hero, just like all the rec-league basketball stars and bingo champs that came before you.

This is an opportunity to hone your decision-making skills while satisfying a system that is starved for input. The stakes don’t have to seem so high. Rather than feeling like The Hunger Games where each move is a matter of life and death, it’s much more like a game of Monopoly where you can win real change for your community. For all the daunting responsibility that making a public comment might suggest, there’s no easier way for citizens to directly influence change.

The best part is, your government has already thrown the ball in your court by publishing their latest public notice. Accept the challenge and see what a difference you can make by playing the game.

To “Start the Game” simply find a notice or regulation that interests you, which you can do by searching for what interests you OR by browsing a database organized by agency, category, or topic.

By: John W. Davis II, JD
and Daniel A. Shyti Jr.