is designed to assist public advocacy by modernizing the public notice and comment process. With online notification of government proposals and the opportunity to comment electronically, your organization can fulfill its mission to influence change on the issues you care about most. The site provides specific services to keep you involved in federal and local decision-making:

Federal: Every 30 minutes, the database refreshes with the latest proposed federal regulations to keep you informed and up to date. Also review #FedFeed, a database of plain language summaries of selected federal regulation. Your organization can customize email alerts to stay informed of developments in your area of interest.

Local: The Government Publishing Platform allows local governments to publish public notices online — just like the federal government has been doing for almost 10 years. It helps organize the chaotic system of outdated newspaper public notice advertisements and in-person public meetings. Every city and town can publish notices, press releases, and legal documents for free. By providing the public with a highly customizable search engine and assigning a unique tracking code to each notice, local governments can become more accessible and stay consistent with open-government initiatives.

By following these three simple steps, you and your organization can help spread the modern approach to advocacy:

First, sign the petition supporting the online public notice movement.

Second, complete the free sign-up to start receiving customized email alerts about notices that directly impact you.

Third, become an affiliate by sending an email with your logo and a few lines describing your advocacy mission.