FDA Extends Comment Period on NNN Levels in Smokeless Tobacco

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an extension of the public comment period for a proposed rule to limit the levels of N-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) in finished smokeless tobacco products. Some evidence has demonstrated that NNN causes cancer in experimental … Continue Reading

FDA Extending Comment Period for Plan Genome Editing in Food Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it is extending the comment period 60 more days for a docket to receive information and comments on the use of genome editing techniques to produce new plant varieties used in human or … Continue Reading

Food Safety and Official Comments (Go Together Like PB&J)

Eaten a cheeseburger in the past month? How about a salad? Maybe a glass of raw milk? Chances are, when you ate, whatever it is you ate, you did not think about whether or not it was safe to eat … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 5/13

This week’s #FedFeed includes: 1) Should HIPAA privacy be exempted for firearm background checks? HHS says yes.; 2) Are standards for international clinical studies adequate for human health products? FDA says no.; 3) Are tax requirements for charitable hospitals clear … Continue Reading

Real-World Impacts of Federal Regulations

Ask the average American if federal regulations are important to them and they are likely to respond with broad generalizations or often a simple, “I don’t know.” Those with more knowledge of the subject also tend to speak in broad … Continue Reading


#FedFeed – News you may have missed! 4/8

This week’s #FedFeed includes: (1) Should sperm whales in the Gulf of Mexico get special protection?; (2) What should the safety standards be for produce designed for human consumption?; (3) Should the TSA be allowed to use Advanced Imaging Technology … Continue Reading