To be a watchdog or an advocate, you need to have your finger on the pulse of every discussion and development in your field.  You need to keep pace with a living, breathing world of information.

Luckily, for watchdogs and advocates alike, we live in the Information Age, where knowledge and information are always a few clicks away. This means finding the information they need should be easy, right?


Watchdog and advocacy organizations rely on government information. The challenge is that critical official information is not online, nor organized in intuitive formats Americans are used to seeing from other forms of news. So, to accomplish their missions, advocates and watchdogs need a sophisticated team of federal, state and local policy experts to monitor, read, and understand federal, state, and local rules and regulations.  That does not come cheap.

This runs counter to the current of the Information Age, which is defined by efficiency and a level playing field. Thus, to be an advocate or watchdog is to be frustrated.

It is because of this frustration that NoticeandComment calls on watchdogs and advocates to show their support for federal mandates requiring state and local governments to move online as they receive federal funding for broadband development.

For the past two weeks we have discussed the National Broadband Plan, a $7.2 billion project that has a single goal in mind — that every American should have access to broadband. Two weeks ago, we spoke about how this project should translate to increased access to our government.  Last week, we called on President Obama and other government leaders to mandate that this project bring connectivity and e-government to life.

Today, we call on watchdogs and advocates to show your support by signing your state-specific petition, by Liking us on Facebook, or by using our site, which will provide governments an easy way to join the Information Age.

By: Jason Schwartz-Glassner
CIO and Co-Founder, N&C, Inc.