Washington D.C – NoticeandComment.com announced today that it was formally recognized as an Innovative Developer by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the Networking and Information Technology R&D (NITRD) program, which represents the IT portfolios of 18 Federal agencies. The recognition was delivered by OSTP Deputy Director Tom Kalil to NoticeandComment.com’s CEO and Founder John W. Davis II, CTO Scott Hughes and CIO Jason Schwartz-Glassner in attendance at the White House event, “Data to Knowledge to Action: Building New Partnerships” held today at the Ronald Reagan Building.

The White House recognition comes as a result of two NoticeandComment.com innovations prompted by the Obama Administration’s e-governance initiative to advance technologies that: (1) support advanced data management and data analytic techniques; and (2) foster regional innovation.

First, using the framework of Regulations.gov as the model, NoticeandComment.com today launched its new public notice and comment system for state, local, and special district governments. The notice publishing platform is a tool to manage the 17 million public notices generated by the 89 thousand municipal and special district governments in the US each year. It allows governments to draft and publish notices, create templates, schedule release dates, tag notices with categories and topics, and organize notices based on subject matter, release date, and other relevant categories. The comment management system complements the publishing platform by organizing and reporting on the 100s of millions of public comments generated in response to notices issued annually. Government users can quickly organize comments based on submitter, comment content, and submission date, to name a few.

Second, NoticeandComment.com also unveiled a new mobile application that augments the connectivity of the notice and comment system with intuitive search tools, a comprehensive browse function, and customizable subscriptions. The new technology guides users to the information they want by transforming the complex regulatory system into a simple to use interface, thereby generating meaningful public input on the issues that matter most.

CEO Davis, a professor in the Department of Communications at George Mason University, summed it up this way – “At NoticeandComment.com we aim to make big data small, and with todays announcements we feel we have met that challenge with two new tools at the nexus of big data and public input.”

Over $500 million annually is spent by local governments advertising publish notices in back pages of newspapers; use of the new publishing platform is free to all local governments. The public now can freely access the NoticeandComment.com database through the website and the new mobile app, first launched on the Android operating system with a release planned for Apple iOS and Blackberry devices in early 2014.

The new innovations announced increase the quality and quantity of civic participation and improve government efficiency while saving taxpayers over half a billion dollars each year.

Interested governments should click here to sign-up or email contact@NoticeandComment.com.