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  • What is NoticeandComment.com?
    • NoticeandComment.com is a communications utility designed to enhance the free-flow of information between the government and citizens. The site contains proposed rules, public notices, rules, and other supporting documents which governments use to communicate important information to their citizens. Through this site you can find, read, and comment on proposed government actions and issues that are important to you..
  • What are Regulations?
    • Regulations are rules or directives created and enforced by the executive branch. NoticeandComment.com contains all the regulations available through the Regulations.gov e-rulemaking portal. Federal agencies announce proposed or final regulations in the Federal Register in the form of proposed rules, rules, and notices, which are three of the six types of documents you will find on NoticeandComment.com.
  • What are Public Notices?
    • Public notices are widely used official communications from governments to the public. They notify stakeholders about intent and proposed government actions, providing everybody a chance to comment, influence outcomes, and be heard.
  • How do I know if my comment made a difference?
    • To follow up on your comment with the government you sent it to, reach out to the government contact listed on the notice. If you lost track of the contact information, check our notice archive to find the notice and get the contact information you need.
  • What personal information does NoticeandComment.com collect?
    • When you submit a comment, some agencies may require you to include personal information for their own purposes. NoticeandComment.com does not require any additional information beyond that which government issuers require. During the signup process there is an option to contribute additional information. NoticeandComment.com does not share this information with others and it is used strictly for the purpose of providing a better user experience. Please see the Privacy Notice and User Notice for additional information about personal information collected.
  • Are comments public information?
    • By making a comment on a public notice, your comment becomes part of the public domain and can be used by the government that issued the notice, among other entities. NoticeandComment.com displays all available comments from Regulations.gov. Displaying these comments can help sway other users to your position and may contribute to an even bigger impact. NoticeandComment.com does collect your votes “In favor” or “Against” on a proposed rule, but does not personally identify those votes. Votes have no official impact on the outcome of a proposed rule. If you would like to have your comment removed from public display please email: contact@noticeandcomment.com.
  • How do I contact an agency or department directly?
    • Each notice has a specific government contact listed -- follow up with that person. If you lost track of the contact information, check our archives to find the notice and get that information back.
  • How can I get more involved with NoticeandComment.com?
    • Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to keep up to date on everything we are doing here at NoticeandComment.com. Read other people's comments and give your own tips on writing effective comments using the Comment Academy.
  • What if I have additional questions?
    • Click Feedback and Questions to contact us directly. Think your question through carefully to get better and faster feedback from us.