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Regulations cover a wide range of activities, from animal biologics to arms control, from nursing homes to national security. In fact, very few activities are NOT regulated in some capacity.

NoticeandComment.com offers customizable search functions for you to find regulations of specific interest to you, as well as a convenient portal for you to submit comments to the appropriate government agency.

Document types that can be found on this site include Proposed Rules, Rules, and Notices from the Federal Register. In addition, Public Submissions (e.g., comments, citizen petitions, and early submissions) and Supporting Materials associated with regulatory actions are included.

NoticeandComment.com offers a number of tools to help you find notices of concern to you:

  • Searching: Our search bar lets you find notices by keyword, government issuer, comment date, location, and or notice tracking number.
  • Browsing: Check out our guided categories in the boxes below the search bar, or browse notices generally.
  • Documents labeled  "CLOSING" are associated with those notices whose comment period ends soon. "OPEN" are those notices most recently posted. "POPULAR" are those notices our users have found most interesting or important.
The options directly under the search bar allow you to browse by Category (10), by Agency (307), and by Topic (1000s). 

Open Comment Periods

Comments are accepted on most regulations, especially those listed as a “Proposed Rule.” To look for those regulations that are “Open for Comment.” You can use the “Comment Period” filter to display only those open for comment.

Most agencies accept comments on regulations within a defined timeframe, known as the Open Comment Period. To be certain that you find a notice with an open comment period, when on the Search Results page, select the “Open” checkbox filter under “Comment Period” in the filters.

Alternatively, from the homepage you can find a list of all the public notices with comment periods closing today, or in the near future (e.g., 15 days, 30 days) in the box labeled “Comments Due”.