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A well-written comment can change the path your government takes, so it’s worthwhile to put some time and thought into the composition process. Refer to the "Comment Academy" (found on the homepage) for tips on how to draft a well-written comment.

If you would like to submit your comment electronically, click the "Submit a Comment" button on the web page displaying the regulation you intend to make comment on. You may also find the “Submit a Comment” button on the search results page next to each result.

Notice and Comment links to Regulations.gov to submit comments.

Follow the steps on Regulations.gov to fill out your information and comment text. Regulations.gov will allow you to attach files to your submission to supplement the comment text you provided on the online form. Be aware that all information and attachments you provide becomes publicly available after the submission is complete. Click continue to review your submission.

After filling out the information and attachments, Regulations.gov will provide a preview of your comment to review the public facing information that is to be displayed. At this time you may choose to edit your submission. After your review, acknowledge and select the check the box next to the public disclaimer and click the "Submit Comment" button.

After submitting your comment, Regulations.gov will provide a receipt containing a comment tracking number. We advise you print or email a copy of this receipt to yourself for your reference.

You may notice that some Federal agencies request different information. If you have questions about a particular comment form, please contact the agency directly by the information provided in the “For Further Information Contact” section of the regulation.